Webinaire: Organizational Stress and Wellbeing Interventions

Webinaire: Organizational Stress and Wellbeing Interventions

There is increasing scientific evidence that psychosocial constraints, such as high psychological demands, low decision latitude, weak social support and an imbalance between effort and the recognition received at work, contribute to the development of mental health problems and are among the main causes of work absence due to illness. While many agree that « psychological health at work is everyone’s business » (employees, unions, employers, managers, etc.), it is unclear how organizations can effectively implement interventions. Organizational interventions are complex and include multiple activities that simultaneously influence many psychosocial risk factors. Although a number of studies have shown that such interventions can effectively improve mental health in the workplace, very few have attempted to explore the factors that may facilitate or hinder their implementation. Managers play a key role in implementing preventive interventions in the workplace but it is unclear what affects their practices.In this webinar, Caroline Biron presents the results of a research project that aimed to identify the conditions facilitating and hindering the adoption by managers of management practices promoting the psychological health of their staff.

You will learn:

  • There are psychosocial constraints affecting mental health and that are costly for individuals and organizations
  • Organizational interventions can be relevant to prevent mental health problems and several studies have shown promising results
  • Interventions can be difficult to implement and managers are highly involved
  • Managers perceiving that their organization is concerned about the mental health are more likely to adopt management practices that promote health. The adoption of these practices is also influenced by their own mental health and their won psychosocial work environment.

Jeudi 28 septembre, 11:00 am PDT, 2:00 pm EDT

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